DT – 2/14: Luke 8:40-48 – Healing of the Bleeding Woman

    In order to touch the edge of Jesus’ cloak, the woman had to overcome the crowd who was surrounding Jesus. She had to find her way through the people who were around Jesus, pressing against him. But before she had to overcome the crowd, I think she had to overcome her pessimism about Jesus’ ability to heal, his willingness to heal. Also, having been an outcast for so long, she may have actually come to believe that she’s not worthy of healing: “I’m an anathema because of something I’ve done. Jesus, the healer, is in town? I don’t deserve his healing. And plus, he’s not going to want to do anything for me.”
     What I can learn about Jesus is that he cares. And what I can learn is that the pessimistic thoughts that she may have had, and any other thought that may have prevented her from coming to Jesus, aren’t true. God does love. He does care. He cares so much about my story, my past. He cares to such a degree that he would stop everything just to give me an audience with him. I think this is such a timely text for Valentine’s day. Today, our church is going out to homeless shelters, convalescent homes and other institutions where people are neglected. We’re going to tell them about God’s love and tell them that He cares.
     I think the woman would have felt loved. I think she would have broke down, and I think hearing the words would have cured 12 years of rejection and ostracism. Like magic, Jesus’ words would have healed her soul. She would have felt accepted. More than her bleeding, her spirit would have been healed.
     What I can learn is that it is those who have experienced the healing of Jesus who have a personal relationship with him. The others were with him, pressing against him. But to them, Jesus was just a miracle healer. They didn’t know his personal touch, and they didn’t have a relationship with him. A testimony is a story about what Jesus did for an individual. The crowd has nothing to say: All they can say is that Jesus is a prophet who is great in power (or something like that). Unlike the bleeding woman, Jesus didn’t touch them.

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~ by williamkang on February 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “DT – 2/14: Luke 8:40-48 – Healing of the Bleeding Woman”

  1. Thanks for a wonderful sketch and website story.

  2. mom is old sick woman, i am a pharmacist, no body , and i assure you, nobody is willing to touch her, and to serve her , as our lord jesus teaches us, i am upset , cause our church in egypt changed from a church of serving those whom find nobody to touch them into a church of applications forms with strict conditions , not to do this , not to do that, i happened to me, i am now looking for someone to help mom , but in vain, i am upset , frustrated, cause the coptic church is now an organization more than the body of christ, i am a servant of god for over fourty years, translating from greek and english into arabic, and when i needed to be helped , no one did, forgive me , cause frankly speaking it is easier to give sermons , million of them , but hard to do a line of thm practically , love means to help in deed whom are in need, not to blablabla, about love and service, jesus orders us to touch the sick, the helpless, the hopeless , but we practive theoretical love, amen

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